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    Why Norsk?

    Why Hire You?

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    Our Hiring Process

    Want to know what working
    here is all about?

    So, we’re really picky about who we bring in to join the team.

    Most importantly, we’re selective because our customers aren’t really customers,
    they’re family. We build personal relationships with them and the community.
    This not only builds our reputation, it makes sure they feel at home every time
    they walk in here. Their comfort and expectations are our number one concern.

    Secondly, as a work space, we’re a unit of creative independents. This means that
    we don’t force you into taking tattoos or projects that you don’t feel comfortable
    with. Your artistic growth and contribution matter to us more than nickels and
    dimes. That being said, it also means you have to be able to work around 
    everyone in a drama and stress free environment. We go with the flow, display
    professionalism, have high standards, and push each other to do and become
    better. In other words, we work as a family.

    If you think you’re up for the challenge, and we hope you are since your interest
    has led you here, fill out the form and let’s get things rolling! Best of luck.