What to Know Before You Show!


Can we pierce you? Yes

How? In the state of Georgia, minors are allowed
to get piercings with parental consent.

Our Standards: Our shop does not pierce anyone under 16. Period.
This is because of growth and displacement issues.
If you are under 16, or have a child under 16, wanting a piercing,
we urge you to call the shop and speak with one of our
trained piercing professionals about the possible issues!
Your health and happiness in the long run is what’s most 
important to us. Yes, even more so than your money.

16 and Older – What to Bring: 
*The Minor’s ID, if they have one.
*The Guardian’s ID.
*A Guardianship Form
*The Child’s Birth Certificate.
*A Name Change Form if the
Parent’s name no longer matched
what is listed on the Birth Certificate.

Please call us with ANY questions prior to coming if
you aren’t sure that you have the right information
or the correct documentation!

Before Your Piercing:

Health & Preparedness Checklist:

EAT: We cannot stress enough the difference it makes showing
up for a piercing with a full stomach. This keeps your blood
sugar level up, and helps your body produce the adrenaline,
endorphins, and focus you’ll need!

WASH: Chances are if we just ate garlic onion rings or smoked
a whole pack of cigarettes, you wouldn’t be too excited about
playing around in our mouth. Or if we got all sweaty working out,
you wouldn’t want to grab us. The same goes for us! Plus, 
while we do clean and sterilize the area of the procedure,
the cleaner you are beforehand, the safer it’ll be!


COMFORT: Realize that while we do our best to contain any 
and all blood, and to keep you in comfortable positions, things
do happen. It is important to be dressed prepared to have a 
body modification done.

MAKEUP: You look beautiful! But trust us, we love the way you
look naturally, too! Where facial piercings are concerned, be aware
that in order to properly clean the area, we’re going to have to wipe
you. If you’re wearing makeup, theres a good chance it’s getting 
wiped away with it!