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What to Know Before You Show!

Age Restrictions:

We don’t allow ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 14 in the studio, so please keep small children at home! This is for your health and safety as well as theirs. (Trust us, we all have children, and we all know how good they are at spreading germs, and how curious they can be in work stations!)

Before Your Tattoo:

Health & Preparedness Checklist:


It’s important to know beforehand any allergies that you might have, especially to adhesive, soaps, etc., and the info of any medications you might be on at the time. 


Be clean! Look, you wouldn’t want us all dirty, sweaty, and smelly on you while we’re doing your tattoo, and we prefer the same!  But in all seriousness, the cleaner you are, the safer your tattoo experience will be in general. Don’t show up to get tattooed right after a workout if you haven’t showered, for instance. Don’t show up for a foot tattoo if you’ve been wearing hot shoes and socks all day. Those types of things!


Realize that while we do our best to contain any  and all plasma and ink, and to keep you in comfortable positions, things do happen. It is important to be dressed prepared to have a body modification done. Think more practicality, and less fashion. Know where you’re getting tattooed, wear something that will make it easy to reach that area, and that you’re cozy getting up and down, and rolling around in.


We want you to be open to our ideas, and love when clients let us run with it. After all, having faith in us and giving us creative freedom is how you get the best, most amazing, original, bad ass tattoos. We’ll go through any questions and specifications you have beforehand, and trust us, we encourage them! We want to be as on the same page as possible. But we also need you to be 100% in the direction you’d like to take it beforehand. Know styles, know reference, and know your artist. We have our work on display, and are happy to setup any amount of consultation time with you prior to the actual appointment!


You must realize that this is art. And while sure, typing something into google will bring up some badass tattoo examples within a split second, they took much longer to get there than that. Quality takes time! But that doesn’t just apply to the actual tattoo process, it applies to the drawing as well. We’re fully custom, so we hand-draw and design everything. We believe you’re a one of a kind person, and you deserve a one of a kind tattoo. If you show up at 8pm on a friday night and want a half sleeve, chances are we’re going to try and book you for an appointment in the future. Because we don’t want to work on you? NO! Because we want to give your tattoo the time and attention it deserves, usually including hours of drawing time, planning, and research.

Pregnant / Nursing:

Congrats on your incoming addition! Unfortunately, we cannot perform any procedure on someone while pregnant! We’re happy to do so in celebration after they arrive. If you are nursing, there are some potential risks, and you can speak with any of our artists or staff before hand to make a safe and informed decision.


Can we tattoo you? 


Are you sure? 

Yes, we’re very, very sure.

But Why? 

The state does not allow us to. It’s illegal.
But even if we could legally, we wouldn’t.

Why You Should Wait: 

Trust us, we all got tattooed (illegally) before we were 18, and we all regret it… and are even getting them removed and covered! 

If you’re taking the steps at looking into a professional shop, you’re already on the right path. Wait, save up, and go about it the right way. In the long run, it’s worth it.

We’re more than happy to setup a consultation with you to begin planning, discussing ideas, and even book your appointment! Plus, if you stop by and discuss your tattoo with us before you’re 18, and wait until then to get it done by us, we’ll even give you a 10% discount!

Even if you offer us cash. Lots of cash.
A literal ton of cash.
Still not happening.